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Standard 9th

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9th English Demo Video

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  • The 9th grade is the base of the 10th grade.

  • This grade has added few more subjects then the previous grade like geometry evs and economics.

  • Our content provides solved geometry constructions, sums and theorems which help understand and learn the new subjects easily.

  • Eclass helps in learning the chapter easily and even remembering the entire chapter easily.

  • With the help of Eclass a strong concept base is created, and the students are ready to face the coming standards and difficulty level.

  • History animated videos, science experiments, geography maps and figures all make a wonderful learning experience.

  • Students can study at their own pace whenever they want, just log in online and start watching and learning the content.

  • With the new age technology learning, this is the future of learning.

  • A quick revision of the chapter with the help of mind map helps retain the entire chapter easily. Question and answers provided help in solving the answers.

  • This is the only content for Maharashtra State board as per syllabus, thus aims at perfect learning and increased performance in exams.

  • Below given packages covers all chapters of the given subjects.

  • The content can be viewed unlimited times within the subscribed time of the package.

Subjects And Features Covered in Eclass online

Subjects Chapters Mind Map Question & Answer
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Subjects Medium Duration Cost
  English Marathi Semi-English    
logo Package 1
logo  Science
logo  Algebra
logo  History
logo  Geography
logo  Political Science
logo  Economics
logo  Grammar
logo  Geometry
logo Package 2
logo  Science
logo  Algebra
logo  Geometry
logo Package 3
logo  Algebra
logo  Geometry