Not all online English Learning Institutes are created equal. Some are extremely large and really do not know you or your story. Some are too small and cannot offer you the needed tools to progress in your studies. We like to think of ourselves as being just the right size. Knowing each of our student's strengths and weaknesses. At E-Class we take into consideration each student's specific needs and walk with them through each and every step of the English learning process.  We have the tools and experience you need.
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Why We Are Different!

E-Class may be the "new kid on the block," but that doesn't mean we lack experience. Our staff has been teaching English for a combined 20 years now and has the needed teaching platform to make your experience truly rewarding.
E-Class can take you from an A1 level to a C1 level. Obtaining a C2 level would require you to live in an English speaking country for many years.
Billy Bob
She be a really good teacher!
He teaches real good.
By far our best teacher on staff. For obvious reasons.