E-Class offers you the flexibility of learning English when it is  convenient for you, not someone else. If you are truly sincere about learning English, E-Class is your answer. It is our objective to not only have you speak and understand English  but actually  be confident  when doing so.

University Students

Working Individuals


If you are like any other student in a non English speaking country, you are probably being asked to learn English.  E-Class offers you the flexible scheduling you will need to not only fulfil your University class schedule but also begin learning English in the comfort of your own home and at the time it is most convenient for you.
Nothing can dissuade a person from learning a second language more than a hectic schedule. Trying to make it to a scheduled class and meet your  professional obligations  can be rather difficult at times. E-Class makes it easy to work at your own pace and when you can.  Our scheduling has you in mind so you can no longer make excuses.
If there is one language that a traveler can count on to help them no matter what country they find themselves, it's English. From Northern Europe to South Africa or Japan to Ecuador you will find someone that speaks English and can assist you in your  travels. If you are planning a trip in the future, you owe it to yourself to learn English and  truly enjoy your time abroad.
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Why English?

You may not like the fact English is the world's dominate language but it is hard to deny. More people speak Mandarin Chinese and Spanish but the reality is, English is the only truly Global Language.





Of theWorld's Population  Speak English

Of All the Countries in the World Speak English

Of All Websites Available Are in English

Of the World's Films and Videos are in English

Why is Learning English Difficult?

Why is Learning English Easy?

There are two components that make English difficult, spelling and pronunciation. English is a complicated mix of many languages. In some instances the pronunciation stays the same as the original language, in some instances it does not. Many words are heavy with consanants making the pronunciation and spelling hard to understand. There are also many words that sound the same but have different meanings and spelling.
Unlike many languages, English has no genders attached to its nouns. Forming past or future requires the simple addition of a suffix or the addition of an additional word in front of the verb. There is no verb conjugation for the person doing the action and the adjectives used do not have to be aligned with the  noun. All in all, you can, if you work hard, have a meaningful conversation with a native English speaker within one year of starting classes.
Become a True Citizen of the World!

Walk down the street of any major metropolitan area of the world and sooner or later you will hear someone speaking English.